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Best Auto / Vehicle Loan in India

Although the decision to own a vehicle should be well-thought due to the investment associated with it, but it should not be a difficult one to make as it is an asset that relieves you of your transport discomforts. Not everybody can afford to save up a considerable cash amount for a new vehicle to purchase. Shoppers do have several options for financing a new or used vehicle. But buyers with limited credit face the complications of either not being able to accumulate funds at all or making an unsettling decision. PaisaDukan understands the value of a vehicle in your life and prevents you from taking any compromising decision associated with its purchase by providing the option of peer-to-peer auto loans.

What are Auto / Vehicle Loans?

An auto loan is a loan that person takes to purchase a motor vehicle. Auto loans are typically structured as instalment loans and are secured by the value of vehicle being purchased. A lender loans the borrower the cash it takes to purchase a vehicle. In return, the borrower agrees to pay back the lender the amount of the loan plus interest, usually in monthly payments, until the amount owed is fully paid off.

When you start planning your wedding, you plan it with a preconceived notion of making it a perfect one, due to which the As an auto loan is a type of secured loan, the borrower must provide a valuable item to serve as collateral. If the borrower is unable to pay back the loan, the lender can then seize the collateral and sell it in order to recoup their losses. Since auto loans are used to purchase motor vehicles, the vehicle that is being purchased itself serves as collateral. If a lender has to seize a borrower’s car due to non-payment of the loan, it is referred to as “repossession.” Until the loan is paid off, the borrower does not own the vehicle technically; but the lender does. Borrower needs to pay off the loan first to out rightly own the vehicle. A term, “free and clear” is commonly used for such a situation

An individual gets to do savings once he avails the loan for the vehicle. One of the greatest auto loan benefits in India is that the loan is secured against the vehicle itself. So, you do not have to mortgage your property or other assets to get a vehicle loan. You also get to use your vehicle while you are servicing the loan term. A few years down the line, after having your original savings, you have the opportunity to own the vehicle having paid off your vehicle loan completely. This gives you the chance to augment crucial credit history by procuring a vehicle loan and strictly adhering to the repayment cycle. A good credit history including timely payments and cleared debts help you obtain further loans in the future. Vehicle Loans, therefore, are a very safe and certain way of purchasing your own car