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We at PaisaDukan believe that everybody should be provided with equal opportunities and nobody should be left out when it comes to our assistance. With the notion to instill self-confidence among the Differently abled people and help them in leading their lives happily, PaisaDukan offers special loans termed as Divyang Loans. Its main purpose is to provide the necessary financial aid to the disabled so that they can live their life with dignity and without being dependent on others financially. These loans are very easy to get with minimal paperwork and effort.

What are Divyang Loans?

People with a disability face special challenges that able-bodied people don’t have to deal with. At the same time, they have to deal with the challenges of everyday life. One of those challenges is obtaining a loan. But the good thing is that there are resources available to help them obtain the financing that they need. These loans come under the umbrella of Divyang Loans. These loans are security-free low-interest loans for the education and empowerment of individuals with physical disabilities. The main objective is to open up self-employment opportunities for such individuals by offering them financial support to set up their own business, to purchase accommodations such as specially designed toilets, showers or stair lifts, to pursue a degree, or to purchase resources for their physical rehabilitation. To take advantage of special loan programs, you may need official certification of your disability from a physician or government agency.

The process of securing a loan remains the same in many ways for a differently abled individual as compared to the able-bodied individual. One has to showcase the sufficient resources so that you can repay the loan. Creditworthiness is also an important aspect for the approval of your loan application.