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Best Senior Citizen Loan in India

Given the number of requirements and processes, availing a loan after retirement may appear a daunting task even to young, millennial. Financial Institutions examine various factors to ensure safety of their funds and income as well as age which is among the top factors that are examined closely to assess the repayment capacity of a loan applicant. With the increase in cost of living, high medical costs, and high inflation, the requirements of the senior citizens have also increased gradually and they need loans to fulfil them. From temporary medical emergency to buying a property, PaisaDukan offers financial assistance to senior citizens to fulfil their dreams. Post retirement or when retirement is nearing, the fear of managing cash flow during sunset year starts. So in case of emergency when own savings are not sufficient to fulfil the needs, the only option remains is the personal loan. However getting personal loan for senior or retired individuals is not easy as it is for a working professional.

What are Senior Citizen Loans?

PaisaDukan now offers loans to senior citizens. The idea behind this type of loan is based on a lump-sum payment that gets repaid gradually. Generally a senior citizen loan is deducted from their monthly pensions. This is not the case with PaisaDukan and it is fast and reliable solution if something comes up, and the person needs a financial boost and you will have to pay the loan as a normal EMI only.